The Magic Mushroom NFT Collection is comprised of 200 unique, hand-colored Magic Mushroom Digital Art Pieces created by Hakim ‘KeemBeats’ Draper.  Despite dozens of collaborations in the space and collecting numerous NFTS, this is my first direct collection.



Born in New York city, Hakim Draper has been connected to the music industry since day 1.  His Father, Ray Draper, composed and recorded an album with John Coltrane when he was 16 years old ( and went on to compose, record and tour with Max Roach, Jackie McClean, and more.  As a child, Hakim spent time in recording studios and jam sessions with his Father’s Band Red Beans and Rice, and friends.

In his early teens, he lost his Father and his family moved to the west coast in 1980 where he began experimenting with DJing and Production.  During the emergence of the West Coast Gangster Rap genre, at the age of 15, he co-produced his first record, which landed on Volume 1 of the infamous Bangin On Wax mixtape series.  After high school, Hakim landed in Santa Cruz, Ca.  where he had his first child at a young age and shifted his attention to Computer Science and Business.  

He attended College before landing a Network Admin position for UCSC Financial Aid and Admissions departments.  From there he was recruited to work for what was then a start-up in Silicon Valley called Ariba Technologies.  Additional stops in Silicon Valley include Click Services Technologies and Agile Software.  He left the Silicon Valley and tech industry in 2003 and it was at this point that his music entrepreneurial spirit took over.  

Hakim started as a freelance consultant where he helped design, build, and install recording studios, developing talent across radio, music, and television, and working with individuals and small businesses to grow their businesses and achieve their goals. He went on to partner up with another local recording engineer and build a small consulting and services company and recording studio. 

Over the next 15 years, he amassed a significant publishing catalog and built a proven record of success.  His clients have included some of the most recognized brands; CBS Radio, Google, Car & Driver, and Sierra Nevada. He has contributed to early-stage artist development and/or strategy for acts like Wiz Khalifa, Twenty-One Pilots, and many more.  In 2011 he was presented with an opportunity to sell his catalog (with a handful of exceptions) in a multi-company acquisition deal with a Major Publisher.

In recent years Hakim served as Director of Licensing for Warner Music Group for several years before stepping down in January 2016 to once again, build for the future.  He founded The Boogie Shack (Boogie Shack Music Group), an Artist Incubator for the modern music industry.

Shortly after BSMG launched, former Fox Sports Music Executive Jerry Davis, and co-founder of D & D Recording Studios, David Lotwin joined as partners and together they set out to build a world-class team.  Today along with technology partners, BSMG is developing everything from Artists to Blockchain Applications within the Music Industry.

At the Boogie Shack, they are tapping into new funding sources like cryptocurrency along with traditional and non-traditional capital and investors to help find, fund, and develop the stars of tomorrow.  They are also helping legacy acts regain ownership and monetize as many of their rights as possible.  The Boogie Shack team boasts an impressive 500+ Gold and Platinum Records and has helped to sell more than Half a Billion Records.  They currently spend their time educating and sharing knowledge and experience with emerging and established artists.

Hakim has been a regular speaker at events like NAMM, New Music Seminar, and similar independent music conventions and events.  The mission at The Boogie Shack is to remove barriers to the necessary information and provide a safe place for artists to get real answers to their questions about the music business.